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Structure of the Centre

State Institution N. N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre


Deputy Director for Medicine

➤ Consulting and Outpatient Division

➤ Department of Expertise and Quality Control


Deputy Director for Research

the following laboratories are subject to:

➤ Diagnostics Department with diagnostic radiology group

➤ Abdominal Cancer Abnormalities Unit

➤ Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Mammologic Oncology Unit

➤ CNS Cancer Abnormalities Unit with Head and Neck Cancer Abnormalities Group

➤ Urological Cancer Abnormalities Unit and Division

➤ Photodynamic Therapy and Hyperthermia Unit with Chemotherapy Group

➤ Surgery Department

➤ Gynecologic Oncology Division

➤ Radiation and Multimodality Therapy Department

➤ Vivarium with incubator

Deputy Director for Clinic

➤ Radiology Division №1

➤ Radiology Division №2

➤ Radiology Division №3 with Contact Radiotherapy Group

➤ Cancer Division of Intensive Antitumor Treatment Modality

➤ Hyperthermia and Photodynamic Division

➤ Chemotherapy Cancer Division

➤ Endoscopy Division

➤ Functional Diagnostics Division

➤ Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory

➤ Radionuclide Laboratory with Unsealed Sources Unit

➤ X-ray Division

➤ Republican Molecular-Genetic Laboratory

➤ Ultrasonic Diagnostics Division

➤ Medical Admission Unit

➤ Pharmacy

➤ National Centre of Positron Emission Tomography (PET Centre)

➤ Cancer Chemotherapy Division with Day-Time Stay

➤ Cytologic Laboratory

➤ Medical Psychology Division

Deputy Director for Surgery

➤ Oncology Division for Minimal Invasive Surgery with Day-Time Stay

➤ Morbid Anatomy Division

➤ Coloproctological Oncology Division

➤ Urologic Oncology Division

➤ Thoracic Oncology Department

➤ Oncology Division of Gastroesophageal Abnormalities

➤ Oncology Division of Hepatopancreatobiliary Abnormalities

➤ Oncology Division of Head and Neck Tumors

➤ Mammologic Oncology Division

➤ Gynecologic Oncology Division

➤ Oncology Division of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

➤ Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Division

➤ Oncology (neurosurgical) Department

➤ Oncology (neurosurgical) Department of vertebrology

➤ Surgery Suite

➤ Angiography room

Deputy Director for Economic Activities

➤ Economy Service

➤ Living community

➤ Service for Repairs and Maintenance of Buildings and Constructions

➤ Security service

Deputy Director for Engineering

➤ Laboratory of Metrology and Dosimetry

➤ Technical Service

  • Accountant’s Office
  • Planning and Economic Department
  • Staff Department
  • Legal department
  • Occupational Safety Service
  • Logistics Department
  • Department for Off-Budget Activities
  • Cancer Control Organization Department