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    N. N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre of Belarus

    Main address: 223040 Lesnoy, Minsk Disrtict, Minsk Region, Republic of Belarus

    E-mail: info@omr.by

    For foreign citizens:
    +375 (17) 389-96-03
    +375 (17) 389-97-01
    Inquiry information office:
    +375 (17) 265-23-01
    Directors’ reception-room:
    +375 (17) 389-95-05 , +375 (17) 265-47-04 (fax)

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    N. N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre of Belarus

    Takes the first place among the leading Belarusian medical centres.

    More than 60-year experience in diagnosis and treatment.

    12 professors, 25 doctors of science, 72 masters of science, one academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus are employed by the Centre.

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    Consultative Outpatient Department

    Provides specialized consultative diagnostic care for patients with an established diagnosis of malignant tumor or suspicion of cancer from all the regions of the Republic of Belarus, the CIS countries and far abroad.

    Working hours of the Department: 8:00-20:00

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    Molecular genetic diagnostics

    The National Molecular Genetic Laboratory of Carcinogenesis performs the following:

    • Molecular profiling of tumors employing molecular genetic (PCR, sequencing) and cytogenetic (FISH, immunohistochemical test) methods for patient-tailored antitumor therapy.
    • Diagnostics and differential diagnostics of lymphomas using flow cytometry technics.
    • Diagnostics of virus-associated cancers using the methods of molecular diagnosis.
    • Monitoring of drug content with methods of mass-spectrometry and liquid chromatography.

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    Positron emission tomography

    Three high-tech PET/CT tomographic scanners are installed in the PET/CT Diagnostics Laboratory: GE Discovery 710 and two GE Discovery IQ. The GE Discovery IQ systems are equipped with highly-sensitive detectors of the new generation and up-to-date software package for data processing. Discovery PET/CT 710 is a premium-class system extending the potential of PET/CT imaging and giving a new horizon in the field of clinical technologies.

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    X-ray diagnostics

    The X-ray Department is fit with modern diagnostic equipment:

    • Three MRI scanners with 1.5 field density (Siemens, Germany and General Electric, USA)
    • Four multislice CT-scanners (Siemens, Germany), including 40-slice, and GE (USA), including 64-slice two-energy one.
    • The Department is equipped with a great number of conventional X-ray units (Siemens, Germany; Villa, Italy; Swissray, Switzerland; Drive and Adani (Belarus)); there are also digital mammographs (Siemens, Germany and GE, USA).

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    Stereotaxic radiosurgery with Gamma-Knife unit

    Radiosurgery at N. N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre is performed with the up-to-date radiotherapy system “Leksell Gamma Knife Perflexion” (Elektra) installed in 2017.

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    Endoscopic diagnostics

    Seven procedure rooms operate in the Endoscopy Department: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, endosonography and enteroscopy. All procedures are fit with endoscopic systems of expert class (Olympus EXERA III), making it possible to perform magnifying endoscopy (up to x 90) and virtual chromoscopy (NBI). The processing of flexible endoscopes is done in modern specialized reprocessors (washers) observing the world standards.

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    Ultrasonic diagnostics

    The Ultrasonic Diagnostics Department is furnished with high and expert class ultrasound systems, possesing unique innovation technologies providing an unrivaled level of clinical precision and enhancing the reliability of malignancy diagnosis.

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    Functional diagnostics

    The Department of Functional Diagnostics has highly skilled specialists at its disposal, mastering all the methods of function studies of the cardiovascular system, external respiration function, bioelectric brain activity, ultrasonic Doppler techniques for testing peripheral and intracranical vessels.

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    Surgical treatment

    All the achievements of current surgery are utilized for tumors of head and neck, breast, lung, esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum, urogenital organs, bones and soft tissues. Video-assisted, plastic, reconstructive, organ-sparing and simultaneous operations are adopted and widely practised.

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    Outpatient surgery

    • Ablation of malignant tumors of skin and soft tissues
    • Excision of pigment neoplasms
    • Exploratory operations
    • Ophthalmologic surgeries
    • Operations on mammary gland (breast)
    • Ablation of benign tumors and tumor -like lumps in skin and soft tissues
    • Excision of benign tumors and tumor- like masses in oral cavity, ENT organs, jaw bones
    • Excision of benign tumors and tumor-like masses in external genitals and perianal area
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  • Evroziiskii Paaatent

    Eurasian Patent “Method for Treatment of Epithelial Neoplasms” (No 0303166 of 29.06.2018. Authors: Istomin Yu.P., Tserkovsky D.A., Chalov V.N., Artemyeva T.P.)

    The invention pertaining medicine, namely the Clinical Oncology issue, and intended for efficient FDT treatment of patients suitable for institutions of this kind.
    ПThe Patent is kept in force in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan.

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    Polyakov Sergey Lvovich, MD, DSc, Director of the Centre:


    We are well-placed to do everything needed for the organization of cancer care at the international level: infrastructure, personnel, up-to-date facilities and technologies.

    Our institution in figures


    High-tech operations in 2022


    Patients were provided medical care in 2022


    Scientific articles, books and other publications over the whole time period of the institution`s functioning

    ~119 high-grade professionals ~

    25 doctors of science, 72 masters of science, 12 professors, 12 assistant professors, one academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.