Kokhnyuk, Viktor Tikhonovich

Kohnyuk Viktor Tihonovich

Deputy Director for Surgery

MD DSc, Professor, leading research worker, qualification of the highest grade

+375 (17) 389-95-59


Prof. V. T. Kokhnyuk performs advanced and high-tech operations for colorectal cancer, aimed at enhancing the efficacy of patient treatment and improving the quality of their life.

Under V. T. Kokhnyuk’s guidance, new techniques of combination treatment and medical rehabilitation for colon cancer patients are designed.

He supervised the defence of four theses for master of science (medicine) degree.

Prof. V. T. Kokhnyuk is the executor, the executor-in-charge, the research supervisor of six assignments on the development of new methods for treatment and rehabilitation of colorectal cancer patients in the framework of the national science-and-technology programs.

He is engaged in intense science organization activities:

  • designing diagnosis and treatment protocols for colorectal patients in the Republic of Belarus;
  • preparing recommendations for combination treatment, physician-made examination of working capacity of working capacity and social and vocational rehabilitation of colorectal cancer patients.
  • being a member of the Association of Coloproctologists of Russia and a member of the colorectal surgery section of the Association of Surgeons of Belarus;
  • being a member of the editorial board of the science-and-practice edition “Oncological Journal” and the CIS countries editor of the science-and-practice journal “Oncologic Coloproctology” (Russia).

The range of research interests

Epidemiology, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of colorectal patients.

Research activities

Prof. V. T. Kokhnyuk is the author of 11 patents of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, of 223 research works and 9 inventions, 3 monographs, a reference book and a textbook on oncology for medical higher education students.


  • He was awarded Honorary Diplomas of Public Health Ministry of the Republic of Belarus four times for considerable contribution to the development of medical science and practical health care; V. T. Kokhnyuk was a holder of the Grant of the President of the Republic of Belarus.
  • In 2005 he was awarded the Badge “Excellent Health Care Worker of the Republic of Belarus”. In 2006 V. T. Kokhnyuk was nominated for the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus as one of the authors of the work “Experimental elaboration and introduction of highly efficient diagnosis and treatment technologies in colorectal surgery to clinical practice in the Republic of Belarus (1986-2005)”.
  • In 2015 he was awarded the medal “For Labour Merits”.