Registration of foreign subjects

Registration is a procedure of getting a permit for foreigner to temporarily stay.

In accordance with the international agreements currency in force, citizens of the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, Russian Federation and Ukraine may stay on the territory of the Republic of Belarus for 30 days since the entrance day without official registration.

A foreigner temporarily staying in the Republic of Belarus

A foreigner temporarily staying in the Republic of Belarus is a person coming to the Republic of Belarus for the period of no more than 90 days a year since the day of his\her entrance to the Republic of Belarus on the grounds of visa or accordance to the order requiring no visa, and having no permit for temporary residence in the Republic of Belarus.

In compliance with Article 41 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus, foreign subjects arriving in the Republic of Belarus are obliged ( if they are not released from this procedure) to register in the course of 5 days expert Sundays, State Holidays and festive occasion declared by the President of the Republic o9f Belarus as off-days, in a registration body ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or in a body of internal affairs, or in a hotel authorized to register foreigners) at the place actual residence, on the basis of personal address or written application of the host organizations.

According to the Regulations of sojourning for foreign subjects and persons without citizenship in the Republic of Belarus, approved by the Resolution the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of January 20,2006 No 73, foreign subjects wishing to be registered and permitted a temporary stay have to submit the following documents to the internal affairs body or hotel:

  1. Application in the form approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or solicitation of the host organization
  2. Document for exit abroad
  3. Migration card (except citizens of Russia or person released from it)
  4. Medical insurance policy for persons liable to mandatory medical insurance according to the legislation
  5. State duty payment receipt (in the amount of 0.5 of the basic value by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of September 14, 2006, No 574).

Registration of a foreigner, that, is official permission for him\her to sojourn, is issued on the application day.

Registration, as well as extension of the term of sojourn is presented as a registration (extension of the registration term) mark on the migration card or on the insert in the document for exit abroad, or in the documents for exit abroad, indicating the term of the temporary stay.

If foreign subjects do not fill in migration cards and do not produce them when departing the Republic of Belarus in compliance with legislative acts and international agreements of the Republic of Belarus, such category of person is registered on the basis of documents for exit abroad.

To be officially registered, you may apply by yourself to the Department of Citizenship and Migration, Minsk District Administration for Internal Affairs, Minsk Region.

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